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http://fizzleshow.com/50 - This episode is the second in the audience series featuring more honest answers from real entrepreneurs about how they discover, define and target their ideal clients and tribes. Also, killer notes on Corbett's audience defining process and specific tactics and questions to use yourself. 

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http://fizzleshow.co/49 - There's one question that can get to the heart of whether what you're working on is a soon-to-be-failed side project or a business with a good shot at financial success. In this episode you get to hear a handful of experienced entrepreneurs, people who are *actually* earning a living doing something they care about (in many cases a *handsome* living), answer that question. 

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http://fizzleshow.co/48 -- Understanding a few things about what makes a story work can give you what you need to make a powerful brand, a brand that drives interest (instead of boredom). In this episode Chase shares 3 story tools you can use to multiply the power of your brand. 


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http://fizzleshow.co/47 - We've got a big round of Q&A for you in this episode of the podcast. Managing your inbox anxiety. Networking with people around the world. The benefits and limitations of targeting a niche. Analytics tools (and how we *don't* use them). 

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http://fizzleshow.co/46 - 2/4 in the email series. In the previous episode we showed you how to grow your email list. In this episode we share what kinds of things you could share, how often you should share them, how to increase open rates, etc. 

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http://fizzleshow.co/45 - This is 2/4 of the series about how to take email to the next level for your business and website. How can you get more people to subscribe to your list? Should you offer something? If so, what? And where do you put the signup forms? These questions and more in this episode. 

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http://fizzleshow.co/44 - What does it look like to do email right? That's what we're tackling this month and it all starts with this episode. In a social world, in a world of billion dollar social mediums, what should your email strategy look like? 

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http://fizzleshow.co/43 - In this episode we hear some questions from listeners about keeping up steady sales AFTER you've launched your product, the risks of partnership, the difference between a "business" and "passive income project," and the heart-wrenching sound of an 18 year old reaching higher... as well as some killer stories about caleb in college. 

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http://fizzleshow.co/42 - How should you spend money on your business so that you don't sink it before it has a chance to get off the ground? We tackle 6 types of expenses and share our stories about each. 

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http://fizzleshow.co/41 - Do you know what your work is worth? Do you know how to raise rates and get paid? In this episode we share a bunch of experiences and stories to help you get paid what you're worth... and charge more when necessary.

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