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All of us at one point or another will face what Eric Ries calls the hardest part of any startup: to decide whether to quit, pivot or persevere. Why is it the hardest part? because most of us don't know what the hell to do! In this conversation we get into our own experiences with pivots, quits and perseverance. Expect 3 tactics and one pro tip as well as an answer to a listener question about free vs paid for stuff online.

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Flailing around, blindly trying this and that, praying and hoping for some traction. That's how many solo entrepreneurs start out. In this episode we answer the question "what do you wish you would have known before you got started?" Listen in and save yourself years of trial and error as the three C's and some of their favorite independent entrepreneurs share their most important mistakes. 

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Your business may just be another way to play with yourself.  Harnessing some team-work thoughts could be a huge multiplier for you. I was alone in my business trying to make a thing on the side. It was my effort, my reward, my isolation, my procrastination. It was lonely. My friends thought I was weird. Fast forward 5 years, I'm in a team with Corbett and Caleb and I've never been more productive, more on fire, more in tune. It was a huge shift for me, but the results speak for themselves. Does teamwork make the dream work or is that just something high school basketball coaches say? How would playing with a team (instead of yourself) make your work better? You may not need a full team or partnership to get the multipliers that come with teamwork. More on that in the episode. 

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This is a gambit-rich follow up on our previous conversation about douchebaggery in business. Where that conversation covered how to do it BADLY, this one covers the tactics, tips and tweaks of "selling" GOODLY, confidently, and successfully. 

None of us were comfortable with sales at first, so in this episode we show you how we found our way. Also a reader question from a lovely Scottish listener and a big tip from the best salesman I know. 

For show notes go to: http://FizzleShow.com/14

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There are people who do business in ways that turn your stomach.

They're willing to do unethical things, take advantage of people, and sacrifice their audience on the altars of profit and short term gains.

In this episode we explore this kind of business and provide the counterpoint, complete with a mind-boggling quote from Walt Disney, some tough-love sentiment from John Gruber and advice from one of the original big bloggers to folks just starting out.

Here's to the idea that we can all focus a little less on the tactics of making a buck and a little more on the art of providing real, human value.

We talk about how you should determine "who the bad guy" is in your industry and how that can give you more direction, more purpose, and more focus.

For show notes go to: http://FizzleShow.com/13

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