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http://fizzleshow.co/69 - In certain circles there's a stigma about working for others. These people believe everyone should be independent and work for themselves. 

In this conversation we explore whether or not you should work for yourself or for others (some of us don't think what you may think we think... savvy?). Enjoy!

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http://fizzleshow.co/68 - How long are you going to think to yourself "I need to give that a shot" before you take the leap and try it? 


In this episode we share our own stories about moving on, what we learned, how we did it, and how to do it better. 


We also tell, for the first time, a new story about someone near and dear to this podcast. We start the episode with that announcement. Enjoy!

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Customer service isn't an afterthought for you. If it is, you're already well on your way to being an uninteresting, middling, forgotten business. 


If, on the other hand, you have a deep understanding of the people you serve, that reality will be visible in so many delightful and visible moments in your customers' interactions with you. 


In this conversation we share what we've learned about how customer service and the deeper philosophy we can all have about customers in general can revolutionize the way we build our business. 


Note: if you haven't yet listened to the previous episode, you'd better do that first. It's an amazing interview with the co-owner of one of the world's best restaurants, and it's deeply changing the way we look at these questions. Listen here: [How The Hospitality Mindset Revolutionized My Business](htttp://fizzleshow.co/66). 

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http://fizzleshow.co/66 - One of the best restaurants in the world is run by the Canlis family. Their restaurant is called Canlis. It's in Seattle, and on a recent trip I got to spend a little time with Mark Canlis, who runs the restaurant with his brother Brian. 


Listen, here's the thing; the way this family thinks about their business, their perspective after 60+ years of serving people at an *insane* level of quality, has shaken stuff up for me.


The way they tell their stories, the things they choose to invest time and money into, their "reasons why," have changed the way I look at my own story, my own investments, my own reasons. These changes are adding up to a much bigger, human, vital vision of what my business is. 


So I recorded a short conversation with Mark about how his family looks at their business and couched that in this episode of the show with some commentary from us here at Fizzle. Enjoy!


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http://fizzleshow.co/65 - The guys answer 4 listener questions about products, validation, Squarespace and vodka blogs. 


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